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What "if" .."then"

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 29, 2016 1:31 pm    Post subject: What "if" .."then" Reply with quote

BTW, we have a couple of threads of “IF” that tempt whole spin offs of events in fan fiction, but I do think have validity to ask. If usually develops into “then.” One event spins into a host of “problems” and this single “if” might tempt you to write a story!

I promise not to argue with what you put down. I will add a comment later, if someone wants to answer.

You may want to pick some other "what if" that will work in this thread that will go AU e.g. the Wish Verse didn't end, Angelus is allowed to run around until the answer to the curse (shanshu) is figured out (instead of just calling the soul, which has its own thread that I handily killed.

IF Buffy knew that Faith had been called to replace Kendra, do you think that Buffy “then” would have killed Angel to close the portal?

THEN what?


Would Buffy still stab Angel or just pull himself and herself together into that mouth/portal to hell? She is capable of this, but she knew a slayer existed in the world and her death would seal off Glory (and the USE of the key to make all the walls fall).

Do you think even after stabbing him, she would realize the sword wasn’t wood and he might survive? Do you think her belief that she killed him served the story better? Why would she think that when her sword (isn’t wood) that she would have considered “betrayal” as Killing Angel (his humanity, an unforgiveable mark on his soul/love, not to mention hers?

How do you think David/Angel described this event over on ATS? Angel never threw it into Buffy’s face—what reasoning for such silence on BTVS warranted “declaration” on ATS when it had indeed marked Buffy, seemingly forever?

Now, one “then” might be the world would indeed have a slayer, and Buffy might feel, that she and Angel together, could “take on hell itself.” She might think of closing the hell mouths from the “other end” stopping them from opening into the world, not to mention with it’s strange time lines/mystical dimension this approach offers Buffy the agency that she has the key within herself—no Dawn required? (Just kicking down the gates, as she did to go find the Master, does nothing to address “all the doors” of the universe Buffy has to face, especially, that they might fall all at once. (The many choices and the “ aha” that she is an adult, yet still “becoming”).

We have “clues” in that we see her choices in “Anne.” Buffy did glance off into the darkness, as if she felt Angel out there in it, (felt him unseen) when she went to hell to save Chanterelle’s boyfriend, and all the others she found,. However, it was a factor, aging so fast. She had the others to protect and, IN THAT HELL, people aged and died quickly—de facto she did not save who she went to save! Also, we don’t know what other hells or portals to them were also there for her to even feel Angel. Think of how terrible that was to AGAIN to be unable to do anything—also that portal closed when she got the people out, so she couldn’t back after him. (I seriously wonder what kind of (sick) mind can dream up these kinds of tortures for a human being to suffer and, even by enduring, suffer some more).

Do you think the show “did it right” not showing some flash scene that Faith was watching her watcher being killed and her calling? (Maybe she was afraid, but busted down a wall to escape, showing she was indeed a slayer). Or do you think that jumping into the portal during “The Gift” was okay—after all Faith was NOT slayer material in Buffy’s estimation, even if Angel showed her she was contrite? Do you think Buffy even considered Faith would be killed and a “decent” slayer would show up—after all, Giles still existed and watchers would be killed because Buffy did a lot to kill evil that invariably would have killed them, so Giles would be needed.

I do recognize these events wouldn't happen the way they did or at all, but I only mention them to give you some hints as to how the characters might act, even if a whole lot of stuff might have made the choice of Then a choice that doesn't fit Now and that might be your story, too.

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