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Avengers Assemble! (Spoilers in this thread)

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PostPosted: Mon May 07, 2012 2:16 am    Post subject: Avengers Assemble! (Spoilers in this thread) Reply with quote

Let's all just have a good group gush about The Avengers. I saw it today and it was awesome. Now you.
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PostPosted: Mon May 14, 2012 4:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Finally saw the Avengers tonight. What can I say ? It was fun and money well spent, we had a good time watching it, but I will probably forget most of it by this coming week's end. Have to agree with Joss on this one -- it is the silliest movie he ever made - not to say it was not worth going out for on Mother's Day eve.

Sometime at the middle of the whole action swing I began thinking how much better it would have been without Thor, Hawkeye and Hulk (anathema I know - but IMHO the green guy was complete annoyance until the final sequence - and it would have gone the same way without him.)

The two dudes who basically saved the day - with some help from Black Widow - were Tony Stark and Captain America, and I think Tony the Iron man could have won the whole war with extra terrestrials and kicked Loki's butt alone. The whole movie basically was about him saving the day while goading Cap.A. into helping, while Nick Fury was hopelessly herding cats ( aka Avengers). I know, it was probably the whole idea of the movie : the inherited dysfunctionality of a team of superheroes who tend to shoot themselves in the foot while out-super-heroing each other. I suspect though that I might been affected by my memories of S8 - or maybe Avengers had indeed projected the same ironic message.

The giant flying robotic centipedes looked like they been 'beamed up' from the Fray future. Alien invaders looked like giant Space Insects - but it might be just the present obsession of Joss'. I won't be surprised to see more kinds of Space Insects popping up in his future projects, as well as robots.

Another obviously obsessive theme of Whedon's would be possession and mind wipes -- Loki managed to do this to several good guys , turning them into meat suits.

You know how I feel about S8, well, on this occasion I have to say that - gasp - even Twilight possession stunt was implemented better than Loki's trick with his staff-spear. Gods below - the whole magical artifact part in this movie sucked big time - maybe because it was treated as a joke from the start. Yes, the Spear looked kinda like the Scythe - and it was equally badly explained.

Scenes with Natasha and Hawkeye were probably written as some of the most dramatic in the movie - but the Jeremy Renner blew them royally - in fact his Hawkeye was the most 'would not be missed' part in the whole movie. Unfortunately same could be said about Hulk - and that role actually had potential. Thor I would only mention with silence - and I thought he was bad in his origins movie.

The most dramatic scene has to go to the Loki - Natasha confrontation - and overall Scarlett kicks some serious ass as well as outperforms most of the male cast - except of course Richard Downey Junior, who is simply my God among Avengers after this performance.

Natasha is Buffy if dyed red and speaking Russian ( to my Russian ear her accent is bizarre, but kudos to Scarlett for trying).

The whole movie plot does not make much sense , but if you concentrate on the aforementioned theme of dysfunctionality of a team of super heroes - it kind of works and even works well.


After I wrote my 'first impression' review I actually went to see discussions on Whedonesque, etc. Noticed that many actually loved Hulk and that he was supposedly one of Joss' personal favorites in the movie. Well, my major beef with him was how absolutely pointless the whole 'vamping out' and loosing control/smashing everything inside the flying ship scene was, in lieu of Hulk later proving that he has control over his transformation all the time. What was the point of needing to be thrown out of the flying fortress in the first place, and of all the angst and suicide attempt memories -- *if* he actually does have control ? I suppose a huge chunk of the screenplay explaining that part might have been cut off - but that left me with a big *huh?* at Hulk's entire plotline. I actually liked his initial scenes in India -- but the whole play-off each other between Stark and Banner left me uninterested. They just don't click together/irritate each other the same way Stark and Capt. A do.
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